August 30, 2015
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 1New Odds For the Phillies  1943 
 2Phillies President Goes Into Army  1944 
 3Bob Carpenter and Herb Pennock Fine New Combination for Phillies Daniel, Daniel M.; 1944 
 4Chapman's Chance  1945 
 5The Phillies Come To Life  1946 
 6Baseball: Shibe Park Darlings  1946 
 7Uplifting the Phillies Drebinger, John; Cartoon by Willard Mullin; 1946 
 8Herbert J. Pennock Smith, Red; 1948 
 9Can Eddie Waitkus Come Back? Brumby, Bob; 1950 
 10The Phillies Gamble On Youth Baumgartner, Stan; 1950 
 11The Big League's Youngest Team  1950 
 12Mr. Patience  1950 
 13Miracle in Philadelphia; the Once "Phutile Phillies" Are the Darlings of the Fans Daley, Arthur; 1950 
 14The Whiz Kids: the Story of the Fightin' Phillies Paxton, Harry T.; 1950 
 15The Brains Behind the Phillies Baumgartner, Stan; 1951 
 16Burdette Throws Spitter, Phillies' O'Neill Claims Reichler, Joe; 1953 
 17Hall of Fame Reunion Schedules For Old Timers in Philadelphia  1953 
 18The Philadelphia Phillies Lieb, Frederick G.; Stan Baumgartner; 1953 
 19The Tragedy of the Phillies Linn, Ed; 1955 
 20Is New York City Doomed To Be a One-Team Major League Baseball Town?  1958 
 21Baseball's Keystone Cops Stump, Al; 1959 
 22Hit-Hungry Phils Tailor-Made For New Pilot Mauch Lewis, Allen; 1960 
 23Philly Plaster Should Serve as Warning  1960 
 24Sawyer Searching For Job; Doesn't Want To Be Pilot  1960 
 25Phils Put 40 Kids Through Paces at Eight-Day School  1960 
 26O.B. Rules Group Reveals Progress On College Plan  1960 
 27Carpenter Dropped $3,000,000 On Stadium Pollock, Ed; 1961 
 28'Middleweights Can't Fight Heavyweights' - Carpenter  1961 
 29Phillies 'Think Twice' On Six-Figure Bonus Plunges Cartwright, Al; 1961 
 30Frick Selects Lee MacPhail To Head Bonus Probe Group  1961 
 31Carpenter, DeWitt Fought Plan To Stock New Clubs  1961 
 32Work On New Phil Stadium Expected To Start Shortly  1961 
 33Everybody Loves a Loser  1961 
 34Roy Sievers' Mission: Long a Leading Slugger in the American League, Roy Is Being Counted On To Keep It Up With the Philadelphia Phillies. Around His New Ballclub, He Is Regarded as the Possible Salvation of the Phillies. But There Are Lots of Problems. Merchant, Larry; 1962 
 35 Smith, Chester; 1962 
 36Tigers, Leaving Submarine, Meet Carpenter, Phil Boss  1962 
 37Cards Threw Two Books at Yanks Burnes, Robert L.; 1965 
 38That's Show Biz!: Rookie of the Future? Will, If the Trend Continues Grady, Sandy; 1965 
 39Stadium in Philly Gets Architectural Referee  1966 
 40From Spikes To a Blue Suit; Part 2: An Umpire's Story Conlan, Jocko and Robert Creamer; 1967 
 41How Dad Earned My First $100,000 Yastrzemski, Carl with Al Hirshberg; 1968 
 42Carpenter Planning Shakeup of Phillies Lewis, Allen; 1968 
 43Carpenter Brings Allen Back Into Good Standing Lewis, Allen; 1968 
 44Let's Everybody Boo Rich Allen! Wolf, David; 1969 
 45Bunning Back With Phillies; It Pay To Advertise Lewis, Allen; 1969 
 46Phillies Engage An Image Maker Lewis, Allen; 1969 
 47Who's In Charge Around Here?  1969 
 48An Acid Test for Bowie Young, Dick; 1969 
 49`Shocked' Carpenter Fires Reply to Skinner's Salvo Lewis, Allen; 1969 
 50No Quaker Meeting When Skinner Made His Exit Lewis, Allen; 1969 
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