September 5, 2015
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 1Boulder Retains Crown in NBC--Beats Honolulu n; 1967 
 2Phils Sold On Force-Feeding of Kids Lewis, Allen; 1969 
 3Bob Robertson Player of Month For Third Time  1969 
 4Infielder Boone Earning Raves as Phil Catcher Lewis, Allen; 1970 
 5Boone Is Sandlotter of Year  1971 
 6Wallace Flashes in Reading Gem DeLuca, Duke; 1971 
 7Ems' Boone on Way to Majors, But Not in Father's Footsteps Harvey, Paul III; 1972 
 8Rookie Boone: Phillies' No. 1 Receiver in '73? Lewis, Allen; 1972 
 9Topps Hails Paciorek and Reinbach n; 1972 
 10Dukes, Emeralds Lead PCL's All-Star Parade n; 1972 
 11Bedraggled Phils Give Kids Chance Lewis, Allen; 1972 
 12Albuquerque Roster Dotted With Big League Prospects Eger, Bob; 1972 
 13Baseball Digest's 1973 Rookie All-Star Team Vass, George; 1973 
 14Ozark's 4-Day Schedule Pleases Brett Lewis, Allen; 1973 
 15Johnson, Anderson Hold Quaker Keys Lewis, Allen; 1973 
 16Rosy '74 Prospects Erase Ozark's Sixth-Place Blues Kelly, Ray; 1973 
 17Matthews of Giants Cited by Writers as Top Rookie Lang, Jack; 1973 
 18N.L. Tops on Topps' Rookie Team n; 1973 
 19'Team of the Near Future' Goldberg, Hy; 1974 
 20Cash, Newly Minted Phil, On Way to Quick Payoff Kelly, Ray; 1974 
 21Phils Hail Linzy as Super Fireman Kelly, Ray; 1974 
 22Phils Can Scent a Victory When Lonborg's on Mound Kelly, Ray; 1974 
 23Ex-Pumpkin Boone Now a Phillie Flash Kelly, Ray; 1974 
 24Phillies Ready to Go All-Out in Off-Season Bid for Bonds Kelly, Ray; 1974 
 25Philadelphia Story: Act II Keith, Larry; 1975 
 26Still a Phillie, Boone Sees Better Days Ahead Kelly, Ray; 1975 
 27Tug Gives Philly Shrill Salute on Series Horn Kelly, Ray; 1975 
 28Tug Taken Aback by Surgery, But Arm's Okay Kelly, Ray; 1975 
 29`Yes We Can!' Phillies Boast With Eyes on N.L. East Title Kelly, Ray; 1975 
 30The Bull and Bullpen Raise Phillies' Flag Stock Kelly, Ray; 1975 
 31Boone Hits Comeback Trail for Phillie Mitt Job Kelly, Ray; 1976 
 32Jones, Morgan Only N.L. All-Star Repeaters Henkey, Ben; 1976 
 33Players Challenge Sked n; 1976 
 34Boone Blooms at Plate by `Throwing His Bat' Kelly, Ray; 1976 
 35Trade of Oates Goes Against Boone's Grain Kelly, Ray; 1977 
 36Phil Muscles Supple, Much Stronger, Too Lyon, Bill; 1977 
 37Boone at Steering Wheel as Phils Attempt U-Turn Kelly, Ray; 1977 
 38Boone Has Had It Up To Here With All of That Swap Stuff Kelly, Ray; 1978 
 39Fan Is Only Stable Factor in Unstable Baseball Young, Dick; 1978 
 40Pitchers Walk Hand in Hand With Arm Aches Boswell, Thomas; 1978 
 41Maddox, Bowa, Boone and Schmidt Kelly, Ray; 1978 
 42Phils Count On Rose To Light Up Their Lifestyle Lyon, Bill; 1978 
 43Biggest Payday For Boone Came With a Gold Glove Kelly, Ray; 1978 
 44As Phils See It, DeMars Wrtoe Hitting Book Kelly, Ray; 1978 
 45Phils Rekindle Eckersley Deal Kelly, Ray; 1978 
 46Sutter's Golden Arm Helps Put Cubs Back On the Track Dozer, Richard; 1978 
 47Phil Flop Linked To Stumbling Bull Kelly, Ray; 1978 
 48Baseball in the Combat Zones Director, Roger; 1978 
 49Clutch Hitter Lerch Takes Heat Off Phils Kelly, Ray; 1978 
 50Billy DeMars On Hitting Giampalmi, Joe; 1979 
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