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 1  1885 
 2The Chicago Nine  1885 
 3  1892 
 4  1892 
 5  1896 
 6The Rev. Billy Sunday and His War On the Devil Denison, Lindsay; 1907 
 7All-American Baseball Team Sunday, Billy; 1908 
 8All-American Baseball Team Sunday, Billy; 1908 
 9 Goewey, Edwin A.; 1909 
 10Billy Sunday's First Prayer Geyer, Orel R.; 1910 
 11The All-American Professional Baseball Team: This Has Been a Year Full of Star Players, But Those Here Given Highest Honors Have Earned Them Sunday, Billy; 1911 
 12Billy Sunday - Baseball Evangelist Barton, Bruce; 1913 
 13The Spectacular Career of Rev. Billy Sunday, Famous Baseball Evangelist Frankenberg, Theodore Thomas; 1913 
 14Guess Who - a Famous Preacher Back in Baseball  1914 
 15  1914 
 16The Real Billy Sunday: the Life and Work of Rev. William Ashley Sunday, D.D., the Baseball Evangelist Brown, Elijah P.; 1914 
 17Billy Sunday Ellis, William T.; 1914 
 18Sermon By "Billy" Sunday - Pulpit Smasher Sunday, Billy; 1915 
 19Billy Sunday's First Prayer Geyer, Orel; 1915 
 20A Character Study of Billy Sunday: Ballplayer-Evangelist Sunday, Billy (William Ashley),D.D.; 1915 
 21  1916 
 22Billy Sunday, Who Makes Religion Pay Bruno, Guido; 1917 
 23Recruiting in New York  1917 
 24Billy Sunday: His Tabernacles and Sawdust Trails Frankenberg, Theodore Thomas; 1917 
 25The Y.M.C.A. On the Job  1918 
 26When Saint Meets Sinner on the Baseball Diamond Dowling, Pat; 1918 
 27How Billy Sunday Became a Famous Ball Player Sunday, "Ma" (Mrs. Billy), as related to Fred Lockley; 1920 
 28The Best Known, Best Loved Man in Baseball Murphy, Charles Webb; 1921 
 29Random Pops at People  1922 
 30Baseball Fanthology: Hits and Skits of the Game Lyman, Edward Branch, ed.; 1924 
 31Religion in Baseball Boyd, Robert; 1924 
 32Back To the Old-Time Religion Sunday, Billy; 1926 
 33A New York Childhood Folwell, Arthur H.; 1929 
 34Baseball Legends and Legendary Heroes Venneman, H.L.; 1932 
 35  1935 
 36Twenty Years With Billy Sunday Rodeheaver, Homer; 1936 
 37  1938 
 38War and Baseball Gould, James M.; 1942 
 39William Ashley (Billy) Sunday Grayson, Harry; 1944 
 40  1944 
 41"Ma" Sunday at 82  1950 
 42The Tale of the Wildcats: A Centennial History of Northwestern University Athletics Paulison, Walter; 1951 
 43The Outfielder Who Became a Healer Davis, Mac; Illustrated By Reynold C. Pollack; 1953 
 44Outfielders: McVey To Lindell May, George S.; 1955 
 45Billy Sunday Was His Real Name McLoughlin, William G., Jr.; 1955 
 46Billy Sunday Was His Real Name McLoughlin, William G., Jr.; 1955 
 47"Ma" Sunday Still Speaks Sunday, Nellie "Ma"; 1957 
 48  1957 
 49God's Center Fielder  1961 
 50The Billy Sunday Story: the Life and Times of William Ashley Sunday, D.D. Thomas, Lee; 1961 
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