December 22, 2014
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 1Reno Bucco Farm Now, But L.A. Will Never Forget It Cobb, Ty; 1962 
 213 Kids Nominated For Clark Award  1963 
 3Bailey's Blow Wins Anaheim Benefit Game  1963 
 4Yesteryear, Today and Tomorrow Thompson, Fresco; with Cy Rice; 1966 
 5Faded Dodgers Eyeing a Magic Number--1968 Hunter, Bob; 1967 
 6Bill Singer Hunter, Bob; 1967 
 7Alston Expects Colleges to Be Tops in Talent Wright, Gilson; 1967 
 8Bill Singer Hunter, Bob; 1967 
 9Braves File Complaint--`Ribant Fires a Spitter' n; 1967 
 10Singer Convinces Himself He's Pretty Good Pitcher n; 1967 
 11Los Angeles Dodgers n; 1967 
 12Staub Only 1st Sacker Ever to Walk a Batter  1968 
 13With Big D Sidelined, Dodger Hill Staff Shows Extra Sparkle Hunter, Bob; 1968 
 14Eye Infection Knocks Singer Out of Action  1968 
 15Will Shorter Fences Clip L.A. Wings? Hunter, Bob; 1968 
 16 Roth, Allan; 1968 
 17Bill Singer: Coming Into His Own Libby, Bill; 1969 
 18  1969 
 19All-Star Snub Stirs Flame in Dodgers Hunter, Bob; 1969 
 20Clemente Player of Month for July With .402 Mark  1969 
 21Hypoed Gate Offsets Dodger Late Sag Hunter, Bob; 1969 
 22Dodgers Keeping Buhler Busy in Role of Iceman  1969 
 23Hill Ace Osteen Handy With Bat, Too Hunter, Bob; 1969 
 24Bill Singer -- Is He a Righthanded Sandy Koufax ? Claire, Fred; 1970 
 25 Kuenster, John; 1970 
 26No Hits, Runs or Bubbly n; 1970 
 27Dodgers Promise a Faster Tempo On Singer's Return Hunter, Bob; 1970 
 28Hepatitis Scare Durslag, Melvin; 1970 
 29Singer Makes Bat Midgets of Phils Hunter, Bob; 1970 
 30Dodgers' Singer Voted Player of Month in July  1970 
 31Singer on LA Hospital List With Broken Finger  1970 
 32Wild-Card Hitter Experiment Junked Isle, Stan; 1970 
 33Singer's Tuneup Plan Includes Scuba Diving Hunter, Bob; 1970 
 34  1970 
 35Early To Bed, Early To Rise For Singer, a Stockbroker Oates, Bob; 1970 
 36Grabby Leaves Bench To Give Dodgers a Hand Verrell, Gordon; 1970 
 37Angel Party Inoculated as Hepatitis Precaution  1970 
 38Singer's Illness Shakes Up Dodgers Verrell, Gordon; 1970 
 39Dodgers Bet on Comeback by Hurlers Hunter, Bob; 1970 
 40A Pennant in '71 for the Golden West ?  1970 
 41Watch the Dodgers n; 1971 
 42Dodgers Wear Wide Grins - Singer Is Firing Bullets Hunter, Bob; 1971 
 43A Moving Tribute To Angels' Phillips Newhan, Ross; 1971 
 44Finger Surgery For Singer  1971 
 45Dodgers' Ailing Hurlers Look Sharp in Action Hunter, Bob; 1971 
 46Changes in Baseball Weiskopf, Don; 1971 
 47Davis Can Hit .400, Richie Claims Hunter, Bob; 1971 
 48Poor Giants Feel the Sting of Dodgers' Eight Lashes Hunter, Bob; 1971 
 49A Case of Ump Courage Durslag, Melvin; 1971 
 50Missle-Firing Fans Durslag, Melvin; 1971 
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