September 2, 2015
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 1Chicago Cubs 6, Pittsburgh Pirates 5   
 2Development of the Young Pitcher Hyames, Judson A.; 1936 
 3All Pitched Out Crichton, Kyle; 1939 
 4McLemore Picks...The Chicago Cubs To Meet the Yankees in the 1939 World Series McLemore, Henry; 1939 
 5Harder to be Asked to Camp by Indians; If Mel Can't Pitch, Lou Bourdeau Wants Him as Coach McAuley, Ed; 1941 
 6The Schoolboy Pitcher Tobey, Dave; 1944 
 7Control Makes the Pitcher Coombs, Jack; Photos from Ethan Allen; 1945 
 8  1946 
 9Jackie Robinson's First Year With the Dodgers Cohane, Tim; 1948 
 10  1957 
 111966 Braves Press, Radio, Television Guide Walburn, Lee, Bill Lucas; Tom Bennett; Al Thomy, e; 1966 
 12SIU Places 3 Players on All-Tourney Team  1968 
 13Champion Trojans Prove Scouts Have Real Eye for Talent Williams, Bob; 1968 
 14Guts and Great Stuff Mark New Red Sox Reliever Lee Claflin, Larry; 1970 
 15Chapter III Unfolds in Rodriguez-Lee Feud  1970 
 16Bosox Bragging of Talented Bullpen Claflin, Larry; 1970 
 17Rodriguez Gives Version of Fight With Bill Lee  1970 
 18Bosox Buzzing Over Lee's Relief Jobs Claflin, Larry; 1971 
 19Lonborg Back - Hub Fans See Flag Flapping Claflin, Larry; 1971 
 20Mayaguez Quick P.R. Starter Again, But... Frau, Miguel; 1971 
 21Kauffman Never Ignores a Bright Idea Holtzman, Jerome; 1972 
 22Bosox Cure Gateway Ills, But Develop Bullpen Sore Claflin, Larry; 1972 
 23Royals Hop on Trampoline to Step Up Coordination McGuff, Joe; 1972 
 24Krausse Could Be Sleeper on Red Sox Hill Staff Claflin, Larry; 1972 
 25A Left-handed Compliment For the Fens Weiskopf, Herman; 1973 
 26When the Cubs Won 21 Games in a Row Rothe, Emil; 1973 
 27Royals Adopting Mod Look in Training Camp Techniques McGuff, Joe; 1973 
 28Bosox Plunge as Starter Button Sticks Claflin, Larry; 1973 
 29Kirkpatrick Sees Bat Figure Advance in `Visual' Program McGuff, Joe; 1973 
 30Red Sox Learning to Like Talkative Lee Claflin, Larry; 1973 
 31Old Feud Flares Again: It's Lee vs. Rodriguez n; 1973 
 32Lee Keeps Bosox On Their Toes as Puncher-Pitcher Claflin, Larry; 1973 
 33Omaha's Country Littell Profits From Visual Aid Williams, Bob; 1973 
 34Odd-Ball Lee Puts Bosox Rivals Behind 8 Ball Claflin, Larry; 1973 
 35Outlaws on the Loose? n; 1973 
 36Bosox Had Some Surprises, But After Lee, Harper--Ugh! Claflin, Larry; 1973 
 37Bosox' Winter of '73 Won't Be an Idle One on the Trade Fronts Gammons, Peter; 1973 
 38Red Sox' Unity U. Presents Another Spirited Debate Gammons, Peter; 1973 
 39Boston Farmers Gloating Over Pitching Plums Gammons, Peter; 1973 
 40Sporting Life With Bill Lee Bell, Marty; 1974 
 41Suddenly, the Red Sox Take Off Like a Deer Gammons, Peter; 1974 
 4220 Wins Not Primary Goal for Space Man Lee Gammons, Peter; 1974 
 43Fisk Gone, Red Sox Must `Try to Pick Up the Pieces' Gammons, Peter; 1974 
 44Reggie Turns Red Sox' Groans to Grins Gammons, Peter; 1974 
 45Bosox' Blackwell Plugging Big Mitt Gap Gammons, Peter; 1974 
 46Hurler Lee Leads Critic Chorus in Bosox Swoon Gammons, Peter; 1974 
 47Royals Discuss Trades Without Results McGuff, Joe; 1974 
 48Making It Perfectly Clear Schaap, Dick; 1975 
 49How 14 Leading Hitters Rate Best Pitchers Bortstein, Larry; 1975 
 50Agincourt And After Angell, Roger; 1975 
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