September 2, 2015
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 1Bosox Profit From Look at Flashy Kids Claflin, Larry; 1971 
 2Unheralded Miller Hears Hub Trumpets Claflin, Larry; 1972 
 3Who's on First? For Red Sox, It Figures to Be Slugger Yaz Claflin, Larry; 1972 
 4Coletta Working Overtime to Graduate From Colonels Coons, Ron; 1972 
 5Red Sox Farm Products Make Club a Contender Claflin, Larry; 1972 
 6Cool-Headed Rookie Evans Colonels' Hottest Prospect Coons, Ron; 1972 
 7Red Sox Cast Cepeda in DH Star Role Claflin, Larry; 1973 
 8Hub Shoppers Return Home With Half a Loaf Gammons, Peter; 1973 
 9Campbell Answers Critics of Tigers' Mini-Deals Hawkins, Jim; 1973 
 10It's All Over for '74 Tigers...And They Know It Hawkins, Jim; 1974 
 11Tigers' Wandering Oglivie Finds a Center Spot Hawkins, Jim; 1976 
 12`I Wanta Stay,' Says Horton, `But...' Hawkins, Jim; 1976 
 13LeFlore Player of Month in American League Poll n; 1976 
 14Brewers Hand Oglivie Regular LF Job Chapman, Lou; 1977 
 15Future Far From Peachy For Tiger Banana Man Hawkins, Jim; 1977 
 16Oglivie Reads Plato, Earns Job in Tiger Garden Hawkins, Jim; 1977 
 17Oglivie Not-So-Gentle Ben as Brewer Gonring, Mike; 1978 
 18Oglivie Gives Brewers a Tough Bat in Clutch Gonring, Mike; 1979 
 19Parrish, Oglivie Players of Week  1979 
 20Sing Along With Bambi's Brewers Garrity, John; 1979 
 21Clutch Hits Are Oglivie's Specialty Flaherty, Tom; 1979 
 22Wanted For Murder: the Milwaukee Gang Newcombe, Jack; 1980 
 23Water Faucets For? McCoy, Bob; 1980 
 24On This Ballot, Cooper Gets Nod Over Perez Gammons, Peter; 1980 
 25Phillies Hog National League Honors For May  1980 
 26Happy Hours For Spiderman Flaherty, Tom; 1980 
 27Brett, Stone Solid Picks Henkey, Ben; 1980 
 28Oglivie HRs Are 'Accidents' Flaherty, Tom; 1980 
 29Ben Oglivie Finds Stardom in Another Uniform Fitzgerald, Ray; 1980 
 30Tandem Power Club  1980 
 31Murder in Milwaukee Flaherty, Tom; 1981 
 32Oglivie: More Than a Big Bat Flaherty, Tom; 1981 
 33No Excuse at All For Beanball Falls, Joe; 1981 
 34Oglivie's Skid Ends With Bang Flaherty, Tom; 1982 
 35Brewers End With Bang: 'Drained' Angels Hold On in West Reidenbaugh, Lowell; 1982 
 36Harvey's Wallbangers Leerhsen, Charles W.; 1982 
 37Six HRs at Lodi? Don't Worry Gammons, Peter; 1983 
 38A Latin All-Star Team  1984 
 39Oglivie Shelved By Appendectomy Flaherty, Tom; 1984 
 40Nine Innings Okrent, Daniel; 1985 
 41Opening Day Report: Tokyo Michaels, Kevin; 1987 
 421995 Minor League Directory: Pittsburgh Pirates  1995 
 43Cartoon Characters Zminda, Don; 1999 
 44Franchise All-Nickname Teams: Pilots/Brewers Zminda, Don; 1999 
 45Baseball's Forgotten Era: The '80s: Decade Saw Lowest Individual Power Since Home Runs Emerged with Ruth D'Addona, Dan; 2011 
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